How to choose the right toilet seat cover? Which parameters are important?

Are you finishing your bathroom? You have all you need - expect from a toilet seat? It’s not as simple choice as it seems. A toilet seat guarantees a comfortable use and proper hygiene when useing a toilet. Manufacturers offer whole sets containing everything that is needed. In some cases, however, a toilet seat has to be purchased separately. In such a case, one should pay attention to certain issues, such as size, space between the hinges, material and colour. Those parameters affect fitting of the toilet seat. What else should you know about it?

White toilet seats are the most popular ones.
White toilet seats are the most popular ones.

Toilet seat sizes - is it an important aspect?

One of the most significant parameters to consider when choosing a toilet seat is the size. Producers offer various types of toilets. Therefore, toilet seats have various lengths and widths. The width of the hinges might be important as well.

How do you know if the toilet seat is right? The problem is definitely less complicated when you replace the old equipment with a new one. All you need to do in such a case is detach the old toilet seat and take it to the shop, asking the assistant for an identical model. You can also simply measure the space between the screws, in addition to length and the width of the model and buy one with the same parameters online.

If you buy a toilet seat for a new toilet, you need to carefully measure the length and width, as well as the hinges. You could also buy both the toilet and the seat in the same shop to make sure they match perfectly.

Toilet seat - non-standard models of different sizes than the classic products?

White toilet seats are the most popular ones. It’s a classic model. In this range one has the widest choice with regards to the size and additional features. If you are interested in a classic toilet seat - you will not have any problems with fitting it to your own needs. The situation is different when it comes to non-standard models - the range of the available sizes might be quite limited.

The choice is quite broad with regards to colours and shapes. Manufacturers offer toilet seats in at least several dozens of colours, you can also buy models with interesting prints. Do not forget about models made of wood and steel, which could make an interesting decoration in a modern interior. A toilet seat like this might be limited in size - keep that in mind if you decide to buy one. It might not fit a standard toilet.

Choosing the right shape of a toilet seat might be a similar process. Oval toilet seats are the most popular ones, and they fit most of the toilet bowls. It is worth noting, however, that there are also differently shaped toilets. One might often see a round or rectangular toilet. Slim toilet seats are gaining popularity as well.

There is also another group of products, designed specifically for children. It’s a special toilet seat with an attached cover which allows a toddler to use the toilet normally.

A modern toilet seat

When choosing a toilet seat, one can also pay attention to modern technologies which make using the bathroom much easier. One of the most basic features in this regard is a toilet seat with so called soft close, which has many advantages.

This feature protects the toilet from damage which might be caused by a rapidly falling lid. A soft close toilet seat is also a protection for small children who use the toilet. Thanks to it there is no risk that they crush their fingers when using the bathroom on their own. In this case, similar to other models, pay a special attention to the toilet seat size.

A bidet toilet seat is another, quite interesting solution. It’s a perfect model if you have little space in the bathroom but you do not want to give up certain comforts. Nonetheless, toilet seats of this type are a rare choice, and their price might be quite surprising - not necessarily in the positive way. A toilet seat size, in this case, is usually determined by a particular model of a toilet. It definitely works better if the bathroom is equipped with it from the beginning.

How to make sure that the toilet seat size is the right one?

Do you want to sit comfortably on your toilet seat? Think about this aspect when choosing the product and make sure to pick the right size. It might not seem so but matching this element is not that easy - especially looking at the already mentioned possibilities offered by manufacturers. Each toilet seat has certain dimensions which one should know, as they can be a great help when picking the right model.

A toilet seat - dimensions to learn

Length is the most important feature of a toilet seat. It is determined from the spot it is attached to the opposite point on the other side. The width should be measured in the widest spot ot the toilet seat - more or less in the middle of its length. There is also one more parameter - the range between the screws, often referred to as the distance between the hinges. How to measure this parameter for a toilet seat? There are characteristic points on the product - just determine the distance between them.

It’s not everything when it comes to taking the measurements. You should repeat the same for the toilet. It is important to determine the length, width and distance between the screws - especially if you don’t have an old model to compare and want to buy a completely new toilet seat.

Each toilet seat might have completely different parameters, therefore, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions. For instance, in a standard toilet seat the distance between the hinges usually is 170 mm, in soft close models - 110-120 mm or 125 mm. The sizes might differ depending on the manufacturer and the type.

How to correctly install a toilet seat?

If you have already chosen the perfect toilet seat for yourself, you should probably learn how to install such an element. If your new purchase is a replacement, you should remove the old toilet seat. Unscrewing the bolts might be the most difficult part in this case, especially if the seat was used for a very long time. In case of any trouble you might try to apply a special product onto the bolts, for instance WD-40. Keep in mind that before starting the installation you should carefully clean the surface.

Almost every type of toilet seat nowadays includes an instruction with pictures. All you need to do is to carefully follow every step.

Typically, the installation looks as follows:

  • putting the bars in so called settling elements and putting seals on them,
  • inserting the bars into the toilet holes and putting another set of seals or special pads on them,
  • attaching wing screws,
  • setting the toilet seat in the middle of the toilet and tightening the screws.

Be very careful during the installation and make sure not to put too much force, especially when tightening the elements. It could damage or fracture the toilet bowl.

A toilet seat with a one-click system might be a simpler solution - its installation process is much easier and quicker, even for those who has never done anything like this before.

Toilet seats - what else is important apart from the size?

The toilet seat size is a crucial feature which determines the choice. Do not forget, however, that it is not the only aspect of this type of equipment. Manufacturers offer several solutions when it comes to the material a toilet seat is made of.

The most commonly picked models are made of polypropylene, sometimes called soft plastic. One of its biggest advantage is a low price. Polipropylene is also flexible and lightweight.

Unfortunately, this feature contributes to a lower durability and vulnerability to various kinds of damage - scratches and cracks. Polypropylene elements might also lose their shape after intense usage..

Another often used material for toilet seats is hard plastic. Products of this type are less prone to damage and deformation. One of their biggest advantage is high resistance to discolouration. It is very easy to clean them, which reduces the amount of time spent on cleaning the bathroom.

For those who love functionality, but also value aesthetics and a good interior design, a toilet seat made of resin or wood might be a better choice. The former allows to get a transparent product with decorative elements. Resin toilet seats are highly resistant to damage and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Wooden toilet seat are new on the market, and they look very stylish. Unfortunately, wood is far less resistant to dirt than plastic. Such material is also bacteria-friendly.

One more type of product from manufacturers might fit modern interior design trends - stainless steel toilet seats. They are not only highly resistant to damage but also they are antibacterial. Their popularity grows in public spaces such as pubs and restaurants, where a modern look of the toilet is important. Because of their sturdiness, stainless steel toilet seats have a good price-performance ratio, which might be considered another asset.

If you decide earlier what type of a toilet seat you need, choosing the proper size should be much easier in the future.


How to measure toilet seat?

The qualities that need to be measured are width and length of the toilet bowl, and the width of the hinges. Make sure to take the measurements very carefully. Too wide or too narrow toilet seat would not fit the toilet.

How to replace a toilet seat?

Start from removing the old toilet seat. If the seat was used for a long time, the screws might be difficult to detach. In such case use a special product, for instance WD-40. After removing the old seat proceed to instal the new one.

How to install a toilet seat?

It is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. The installation typically involves putting special bars in suitable places, sealing them and attaching to the toilet. Be careful not to damage the toilet when installing the toilet seat.

How to use toilet seat covers?

Take out the cover out of its container and spread it on the toilet seat. Pinch the middle section so that it falls into the toilet bowl. After using the toilet you can flush the cover as it is made of disposable material.

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