Saving water at home. 10 tips on how to save water in daily life.

Can you imagine living without having access to water? It is practically impossible. And although it seems having no access to this precious liquid is not possible, its sources are getting drained. Renewing them is a slow process. There are already many places in the world facing water shortage. For this reason, an increasing number of people ask the fundamental, crucial question: how to save water in daily life? We present a few practical tips you can use at home.

Even the smallest change in daily habits can contribute to lowering the costs of using home appliances and help you save water.
Even the smallest change in daily habits can contribute to lowering the costs of using home appliances and help you save water.

Saving water - why is it a worthwhile issue?

Water is in fact the most valuable resource on Earth. It is used in every aspect of life, starting from drinking it, to washing, cleaning, farming and industrial uses. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked that wasting it has catastrophic results for the entire environment, as well as private savings.

Water bills are one of the primary items on the home budget list. For this reason it is recommended to think how to save water in daily life and make sure to lower the expenses.

Saving water pays off! Water rates increase every year. According to calculations, price of water might even double in certain regions. Even the smallest change in daily habits can contribute to lowering the costs of using home appliances and help you save water. Systematic changes will repair your home budget. Considering the yearly growing prices, the savings will be greater as well.

Keep in mind that it is not just an eco-trend or a way to lower your bills. Remember that water resources are scarce in many regions. Water shortage is a rising problem in a number of countries located in moderate climate. For this reason make sure to use water wisely.

How to save water in daily life?

If you’re thinking on how to save water in daily life - it is possible in many various aspects. One person might use even 150 liters of water per day. Only during a 3-minute teeth brushing session, you use up to 15 liters of water - if you don’t turn off the tap. Around 30% of water in an average household is used for flushing the toilet. Other things you can do to reduce water use is being conscious of taking the bath, washing clothes, cleaning and garden care.

10 ways to conserve water every day

Are you wondering how to safe water in daily life and looking for good solutions? Learn 10 best ways to conserve water, so that saving water will not be a problem anymore.

Saving water when washing the dishes

How to save water daily when using running water? Is it possible at all? Of course - just don’t wash the dishes with constantly running water. You can install a water saving tap with a movable spout - thanks to which you will be able to direct the stream precisely where you need it.

Do you use a dish-washer? No problem - saving water is possible in this case as well. Just turn it on only after it is fully loaded.

How to save water during daily washing routine?

Water conservation is possible during the mentioned teeth-brushing or for men - shaving. Similar to washing the dishes, one needs to control when the water stream is in fact needed. If there is no need for it, remember to turn off the tap.

Change your bathroom equipment and save water

The market offers accessories which can make saving water easier. Think about installing a flushing mechanism with a start-stop button. Flushes with such a function might reduce water use even up to 50%. When you see that the waste has been removed from the toilet bowl, simply press the “stop” button. Manufacturers offer equipment of various sizes - 9 liter and smaller 7 liter flushes are the most popular models.

How to save water in daily life? Use water saving aerator

Installing a water-saving aerator is one of the simplest ways to conserve water. What is an aerator? It’s a small device installed at the end of a kitchen or bathroom faucet, or shower head. There are also special long bidet aerators. The device has a special strainer with tiny holes. A water saving aerator aerates water and divides it into smaller streams.

Thanks to it, water use is reduced up to 50-60%.

An air-tight plumbing system also saves water

Water saving is a process in which every drop counts, so one cannot allow for any leaks in equipment such as bath, washbasin and kitchen sink faucet, and toilet flush. To waterproof the fittings, one should use various types of seals made of rubber or eco-friendly material, e.g. fiber o-rings.

Remember! If you notice that your tap is leaking, don’t wait until a stream of water pours out of it. A few drops leaking for one day will not make any difference. The situation gets worse if the malfunction is not repaired for a week or a month. In such a case, the amount of used water increases.

Pay attention to everyday activities - learn how to save water in daily life

A lot of water is used for flushing the toilet - especially if there’s no need to do it. Instead of throwing a used napkin into the toilet and flushing it, choose a bin. Remember that you have to pay for trash you produce anyway - why then would you generate additional costs like water and sewer bills?

How to save water when doing laundry?

If you’re wondering how to save water in daily life when washing clothes - it is similar as with a washing machine. Remember to turn the device on only when it’s fully loaded. If you’re about to purchase a washing machine for 1 or 2 persons - pay attention to the functions. An option of a shorter washing cycle for half the amount of laundry might be a good way to save water.

Shower instead of bathing - it’s an effective water saving method

How to save water in daily life when taking a bath? Instead of bathing choose shower. To fill a bath tub, you need approximately 200 liters of water. When taking a shower, you use about 50 liters. Think how much you can save if there are 3 or 4 people living in one household.

How to save water in the shower? Use modern gadgets

Do you have problems with controlling the time you spend in the shower, so that water saving does not work for you? We have an idea how solve this issue. Special adapters available on the market use color to indicate water savings. How is it possible? The adapter turns red after a while - this should be a signal for you that you have spent too much time in the shower and used more water than needed.

Conserving water - an eco-friendly garden

You can use recycled water in the garden. It’s possible thanks to a special system which accumulates water from the bath, shower and sink and processes it so that it can be reused. Grey water is collected from the house and let through natural, eco-friendly filters. The liquid created in the process can be used e.g. for gardening, flushing the toilet, washing the car, the pavement and the patio.

You can also save a lot of water thanks to well-thought and economic method for watering plants and shrubs. The best time to do it is morning or late evening, when the air temperature is low. This will prevent water from quick evaporation and make plant watering more effective. It is recommended to spread mulch on the ground, to decrease the evaporation process.

If you use water sprinkles, set them in the right position so that they water only plants and not the pavement or patio.

As you can see, there are many advantages of saving water. Both financial and ecological. A well-constructed water system and a few smart investments in equipment can help you lower the water bills.


Why is it important to save water?

It is highly important to save water, as it is one of the most valuable recources on Earth. Its extensive use might lead to catastrophic results for environment. What's more, wasting water makes you pay higher bills - both for its use and for sewer. Saving water is an ecological and economical decision - which affects your home budget.

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